SBS Denies News Corp Report Claiming Zaky Mallah To Have Own Show

A report claiming convicted criminal  Zaky Mallah—who was controversially admitted entry to an ABC studio audience, and asked a question to a Q&A panel earlier this year—would appear on an SBS program has been shot down as quickly as it emerged, as SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid commented on a story published on The Australian this morning.

In an exclusive report, The Australian’s Associate Editor John Lyons claimed SBS would “give Zaky Mallah his own show”; said Go Back To Where You Came From alumnus Kim Vuga could appear alongside Mallah, and reported that filming for the show could take place “as early as this Wednesday.”

The piece rapidly received heat from SBS, as Managing Director Michael Ebeid took to Twitter to discredit Lyons’ report.

A statement on the issue was soon released by SBS, saying the pitched idea had still be in gestation stages, with no editorial approval granted by the broadcaster. 

“The idea that Zaky Mallah is being given his own show is completely incorrect. SBS had confirmed to the journalist that this was not true, yet he decided to run with an incorrect headline. 

A freelance journalist had pitched a potential story idea to The Feed, SBS’s youth news and current affairs program, that could have involved Zaky Mallah in a story segment. The idea was pitched to SBS but no filming had been booked and it had not even progressed past an idea.

The idea had not yet even been reviewed as part of the usual SBS editorial process.”

Lyons, you know where to go.

Via SMH.