GoT’s Sophie Turner Is Trying Her Hand At The Fine Art Of Snag Reviewing

It’s easy to imagine that actors are one-dimensional people whose only interests are acting and spending acting cash on expensive, illegal yacht parties in international waters. While likely true for a lot of them, it’s not always the case. Sam Neill makes wine and tends farm animals. Keanu Reeves plays mad bass. Jim Carrey does some surprisingly good visual art. Sophie Turner, who you might know as Sansa from Game of Thrones, rates sausages.

If you’re mildly shocked that you weren’t already aware of this, I urge you to stop self-flagellating and calm yourself with the soothing knowledge that this is only a very recently adopted pastime for the actress. Turner has so far made only one post on the freshly minted Instagram account she made expressly for this purpose:

The first sausage reviewed on @SophiesSausageReviews AKA Passionate Bout The Saus, a “classic Cumberland“, earned a modest 7 out of 10, losing points for a noticeable absence of skin crispiness. We can only imagine where the content will go from here.

You can follow the sausage content right here.