Sanza Hanza

In High School my idea of rebellion was throwing eggs at my neigbour’s impeccably maintained house. Meanwhile kids in South Africa are testing their mortality, fighting boredom and raising a big middle finger to the law by “surfing” trains for kicks. Fuck, I haven’t lived a day in my life…

From the Gavin McInnes fronted Street Boners and TV Carnage:

Sanza Hanza means ‘King Surfer’ and it’s the name South African kids give to a train surfer who outdoes everyone else. I went down to meet them all with my friends Matt Salacuse and Nadia Hallgren to take pictures for Street Carnage’s first book, a photozine called Sanza Hanza that features three of the top train surfers down there: Tupac, Batista, and Seven. They are members of a train surfing gang called V.I.R.U.S. (Very Intelligent Riders Usually Survive).