Ryan Reynolds, Jacki Weaver’s ‘The Voices’ Offers Definitive Proof That Cats Are Evil


Outside of successfully implanting his seed inside America’s most fecund antebellum romanticist, Ryan Reynolds has been working on another pet project that should go some way toward repairing the damage done by The Green Lantern, Van Wilder: Party Liaison, The Proposal, et al.  
It’s called The Voices, and it finds Reynolds stepping into the shoes of an affable young sociopath (is there any other kind, tbh?) opposite Our Jacki Weaver, cups’ Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton and two unequivocally accurate depictions of two more conventional domestic animals: a homicidal, sinister cat and a (typically) morally sound dog. Both are voiced by Reynolds, who’s instructed by the former to kill Arterton with a cold, unerring heartlessness and wanton callousness seen only in cats. Sorry, but it’s true!
Directed by Marjane SatrapiThe Voices is slated for VOD release on February 6th, so – should you feel so inclined – you’ll probably be able to view it from an ethical grey zone near you soon after.