Russian Communists Call Elton John’s Fashions “Homosexual Propaganda”

66-year-old flamboyant soul Elton John will have his music boycotted by the Communists of Russia if he doesn’t start dressing more like a conservative closet-gay and less like his actual self. 

The Communists of Russia, a small group in Russia’s south, have called Sir Elton’s getup “homosexual propaganda” and are of the opinion that he should be wearing “a knee-length caftan, a fur hat and leather boots” instead. This is humorous, because suggested items potentially include many textures and fabrics and no doubt Elton’s wardrobe entourage will be more than adept in making a huge faggoty ensemble out of that particular recipe.

Is fuchsia sequinned marvellousness not allowed? Also, given that it’s LGBT Pride Month, there should be no perceivable problems whatsoever.

Russia continues operations in Putin’s tightly run ship, much to the dismay of femme-activist band Pussy Riot, who have an HBO documentary in the works called A Punk Prayer.

Via Huffington Post