Russell Crowe Is Not Fkn Happy Virgin Didn’t Let Hoverboards On His Flight

However you’re recovering from your Christmas holidays, friends, spare a thought for poor Hollywood actor Russell Crowe, who was forced to disembark from his Virgin Australia flight when the airline stuck to their years-long policy of not allowing large lithium batteries on board.

Russell and the fam were setting off on their holiday with a couple of Segways Boards (also known as hoverboards) in tow, which contain lithium batteries. Such batteries have been banned from airlines for donkeys, namely due to their uncanny ability to start mid-air fires

See also: Virgin Australia’s Dangerous Goods page.

This very important fact seems to have slipped by old Russell, since he turned up to the airport fully expecting to get the Segways on the flight. When he realised this was not to be, the actor turned to Twitter to let Virgin fukken have it:

The customer service rep (who must right now still be riding the confusing high that is talking to a very irate yet very famous Russell Crowe) had this not-at-all sarcastic response to his tweet:


…started to get a little narky:

(via Twitter): “Hi Russell, this information is outlines in the Dangerous Goods section in the booking confirmation and check in reminder emails you will have received. We have also communicated this on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through the media. We understand your frustration, however please appreciate that safety is our number one priority.”
Moral of the story: Russell Crowe’s kids got hoverboards for Christmas, and this writer didn’t. If anybody needs me, I’ll be sulking.

Photo: Albert L. Ortega / Getty.