Russell Crowe Almost Lost At Sea On Kayak Outing

Russell Crowe maintains his manly ruggedness through an exercise plan involving rabbit watching, amazingly random live music performances and open water Kayaking; however, unlike the character he played in Master And Commander, Russell’s navigational skills are less than supreme – evidenced by a recent kayaking journey where he was forced to hail the US Coast Guard to help guide him back to shore.

According to a report in The Telegraph, Crowe and a mate became disoriented while paddling off New York’s Long Island when it became dark. One of the rescuers, Coast Guard Officer Robert Swieciki told Newsday, “He just needed a little bit of a lift. He got a little bit lost. When the sun went down, he didn’t know where he was.”

Swieciki also said Crowe “seemed pretty knowledgeable” about kayaking. Russell was quick to clarify that he was definitely not lost to his concerned Twitter fans.

How many times have you heard a male insist they aren’t lost, when they’re actually more lost than the surviving passengers of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Classic.

Photo by Chris Jackson for Getty Images Entertainment