The Rock Meets Hero Kid Who Performed CPR After Seeing It In ‘San Andreas’

The Rock has seemingly one mission in life, and that is to be named the most Positive Human Alive. If it one day turns out that The Rock is actually mean or problematic in some way, I will not be able to continue living in this world, as all hope will have been lost.

It is not a well-known fact, but studies have proven that his body has to be that incredibly huge and big in order to fit in all of the positive energy and nice thoughts that are inside of him.

He can now even be called a life-saver, after 10-year-old Jacob O’Connor from Michigan found his 2-year-old brother face down in a pool. He immediately pulled his brother out and started doing chest compressions, with the tot ending up in hospital and eventually making a full recovery.

When asked how he knew what to do in the emergency situation, Jacob said that it was because of a scene in San Andreas where The Rock’s character performs CPR on someone.

See, I always knew The Rock movies were educational.

When Dwayne heard about the incident, he sent a tweet calling the boy a hero.

But the big guy didn’t stop there, inviting Jacob and his family to the set of his new movie Skyscraper in Vancouver.

From the ensuing pictures, it is impossible to tell who enjoyed this experience more, but The Rock definitely loved every second of it.

He also posted a video with Jacob that is sure to warm the cockles of even the most bitter heart.

What a guy. What a massive guy. I love you, The Rock.