Richard Madden And Brandon Flynn Have “Cut Ties” So Maybe It’s Time To Shoot Your Shot

Richard Madden Brandon Flynn

Actors Richard Madden and Brandon Flynn are reportedly no longer sharing a house together, and have “cut ties” with one-another, so make of that whatever you want, I guess.

Earlier this year, there were rumours about a burgeoning romance between the Thrones and 13 Reasons Why stars, and the two were frequently photographed walking around L.A.

When asked about the rumours by the New York Times, Madden simply said: “I just keep my personal life personal, I’ve never talked about my relationships.”

The official line on their two seems to be that they were just good friends. An anonymous source – gotta love ’em – told UK tabloid The Sun:

“Richard and Brandon bonded over being up-and-coming actors in the industry and decided to share a place while both working in L.A.”

Whatever was going on, it appears to be over now, as the pair have “fallen out” in the last few months and have apparently “cut ties” with one-another.

Flynn seems keen to avoid Madden at upcoming events, with the source saying:

“Brandon has made it clear he doesn’t want to see Richard because he asked the team at Versace not to invite him to a party they are having at the beginning of December. Richard has been dressed by the brand a few times and he spoke with (Elton John‘s friend) Donatella Versace to prepare for his role as John Reid in Rocketman. But as they are working with Brandon now, they are respecting his wishes and haven’t asked Richard to attend the bash.”

Richard Madden, who is currently filming Marvel‘s The Eternals with Angelina Jolie, moved to L.A. this year after splitting with girlfriend Ellie Bamber.

Brandon Flynn, who has previously dated singer Sam Smith, will soon be the face of a new Versace collection.