Relive Ya Childhood With 1st Photo Of Rita Repulsa In Power Rangers Reboot

Huge news for those among us who enjoy watching TV shows from their childhood reheated over and over again as a feeble bulwark against the encroaching march of time: there’s a Power Rangers reboot, and now we’ve got our first pic of villain Rita Repulsa as played by Elizabeth Banks
Have a gander:
To jog your memory if you, like most people, haven’y watched Power Rangers in well over a decade: Rita Repulsa is essentially an evil space witch who was imprisoned in some kind of space dumpster for ten thousand years before deciding to conquer Earth in the 90’s. As you do.
Apparently the new Repulsa is a bit more of an environmentalist (?), which is sure to land major points with these socially-conscious millennials we keep hearing so much about.
Keep an eye out for Power Rangers in 2017.
Source: Complex.
Photo: Supplied.