R-Patz Looks Like A Bonghead Surfer Bro In Trailer For New Flick ‘Good Time’

The latest entry into the unyielding cinematic trope of ‘Hot Guys Rob Banks’ comes a new film that reportedly got everyone super moist at the recent Cannes Fest. It’s called ‘Good Time’ and it stars Twilight/Harry Potter babe Robert Pattinson and he is looking… oh… oh no. 
What have they done to my sweet R-Patz?????
Pattinson out here looking like the secret, ugly member of Bliss ‘n’ Eso. My boy Robbie with the fashion sense of a lad who just nicked a carton of Winnie blues from a 7/11. RP straight up looking like he’d give you severe gonorrhea just by walking past him on the street. Eeesh.
Anyway, Robert’s complete 180 from dreamboat to sewer monkey aside, ‘Good Time’ has been copping heaps and heaps of praise and it’s not hard to see why from the trailer that just dropped today.
Coming from directors Joshua and Ben Safdie, the high-intensity thriller sees Pattinson not only uglied up, but racing against the clock to get a hold of some money in order to help his mentally disabled brother get out of jail.
Hit the trailer below for some thrills and catch the flick when it gets a proper release August 11. That is if you can deal with the once handsome facade of R-Patz degraded to such a degree.

Picture: Good Time / A24 Films.