Michael Jackson’s Producer Quincy Jones Is Spilling Decades Of Hot Gossip

Quincy Jones is an undeniable legend of the music industry. He has nabbed himself a cool 28 Grammy Awards in his career as a producer and arranger. He’s worked with Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, countless jazz luminaries, and he even oversaw the works of a bloke called Michael Jackson. 

He has stories to tell. And, aged 85, he’s absolutely letting them rip.

In a new interview for Vulture, the peerless music mogul has spilled a whole heap of juicy industry gossip that, if true, could alter the legacies of the 20th century’s most prominent entertainment figures. We mean, Jones reckons he knows who killed John F. Kennedy, for Christ’s sake.

Jones alleges the president’s assassination was the handiwork of Mafia figure Sam Giancana, who many believe shored up votes for Kennedy during the 1960 election. One theory goes that the Mob wanted retribution on Kennedy for his failure to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who had shut down the Mob’s casinos; another states the Mafia wanted revenge after Kennedy’s brother and attorney-general Robert F. Kennedy launched an inquest into organised crime.

“The connection was there between Sinatra and the Mafia and Kennedy,” Jones said. “Joe Kennedy — he was a bad man — he came to Frank to have him talk to Giancana about getting votes.”

On the topic of presidents, Jones recalled “I used to hang out with [Donald Trump]. He’s a crazy motherfucker. Limited mentally — a megalomaniac, narcissistic. I can’t stand him.”

More shockingly, this:

“I used to date Ivanka, you know.”

When pushed by interviewer David Marchese, Jones unloaded on the wild scenario, stating it happened “twelve years ago. Tommy Hilfiger, who was working with my daughter Kidada, said, “Ivanka wants to have dinner with you.” I said, “No problem. She’s a fine motherfucker.” She had the most beautiful legs I ever saw in my life. Wrong father, though.”

If true, that means a 73-year-old Jones would have dated a 24-year-old Trump.

He certainly discussed the personal lives of others, too. Jones said legendary actor Marlon Brando was “the most charming motherfucker you ever met” in addition to being a damn near insatiable lover.

“He’d fuck anything. Anything! He’d fuck a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.”

Then there’s the music. Jones claims to have met Paul McCartney when he was only 21, labelling him  – and the rest of the Beatles – totally garbage musicians.

“They were no-playing motherfuckers,” Jones said. “Paul was the worst bass player I ever heard. And Ringo? Don’t even talk about it.”

We guess we’d have high standards too, if our previous work had contributions from Charles Mingus.

Michael Jackson wasn’t spared from Jones’ interview, either. After producing Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad, Jones still saw it fit to comment on the King of Pop’s plastic surgery.

“I used to kill him about the plastic surgery, man,” Jones said. “He’d always justify it and say it was because of some disease he had. Bullshit.”

That’s hardly all of it, but if even half of it holds weight, Jones may have just dropped some of the entertainment industry’s hugest secrets. Read the whole thing HERE.