Quentin Tarantino Says He’d Be Down To Do A TV Show On His Own Terms

Director Quentin Tarantino, whose upcoming The Hateful Eight has the internet frothing at near-unprecedented levels, recently sat down for a lengthy interview with NY Times blog Vulture, covering all kinds of facets of his career and tastes.
Fans are now on a Tarantino drip-feed, as the publication dole out further chunks of the interview that didn’t make the main feature, and the most recent of these contains an intriguing hint at his possible future plans.
After saying that he wants to direct “at least one more western” in the future, he went on to talk about the current craze for the auteur-focused TV mini-series, and his belief that the format has not yet reached its true potential.

Film directors like Steven Soderbergh and Cary Fukunaga have defected to TV. You’ve been making noise about doing a mini-series. Are you jealous about what directors can do in that medium now?

No, I’m not jealous at all. I’m in a lucky situation. However, no writer-directors have taken that mini-series format and really done what could be done. You don’t have any writer-directors that write all six episodes, and then direct all six episodes. You have a guy like Soderbergh or Fukunaga who directs everything, or you have somebody like Aaron Sorkin who writes everything, but you don’t have the guy who does everything. If ever there’s been a chance for somebody to truly do a filmed novel, it’s in this area. I always write these movies that are far too big for any paying customer to sit down and watch from beginning to end, and so I always have this big novel that I have to adapt into a movie as I go. So to actually be able to take one of my stories and just do it as long as it is, the completely unfiltered manuscript, that sounds really, really exciting. And unless we can turn back the tide on digital projection in movie theaters, then I might as well go to television.
So there you have it: Tarantino is totally down for doing a TV series if he can write, direct and supervise the whole entire thing. Please, someone indulge this megalomaniacal bastard’s control freak tendencies already.
via Vulture
Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty Images