Quentin Tarantino Claims He’s Got 2 More Films Before His ‘Mic Drop’ Moment

Quentin Tarantino has reaffirmed he’s calling it quits after filming his tenth feature-length project- and let’s be honest, that could be a good thing for Hollywood’s stock of fake blood, and it’ll give cinematographers a chance to cool it with the foot close-ups.

At the Adobe Max creative conference in San Diego, Tarantino outlined his plan for just two more features by saying “drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, ‘Match that shit.’” Just try reading that sentence without hearing it in his perma-hyped voice. We dare you. 

Of course, that ain’t the first time he’s explained his dream scenario. He said as much back in 2014, before The Hateful Eight exploded on screens worldwide, but this is perhaps the most emphatically the legendary director has ever stated it. 

Fortunately for us, it seems quite bloody likely one of those remaining flicks will actually be set in ‘Straya. Earlier this year, the man himself said he’s got an idea for a flick set in 1930’s Australia that heavily riffs on Bonnie And Clyde. Sure, Tarantino probably has far more than two film ideas left, but it’s fun to dream.

If you’re keen to hear the man unspool that magnificent mind on-stage, here’s the footage of the conference. It’s a time, friends:

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.
Photo: Django Unchained.