WHOLESOME: Fans Raise Over $30k To Send Queer Eye’s Jess Back To College

Queer Eye

The incredible love and power of Queer Eye has struck again, this time for season three hero Jess – the subject of Black Girl Magic. 

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Jess Guilbeaux, self-described “lumberjack lesbian” turned “soft butch” after her Queer Eye transformation, was outed to her adoptive parents at 16 and was immediately kicked out of home.

Jess, now 23, has been supporting herself financially ever since.

“When I went to college, I wanted to build computers,” Jess tells us in the opening minutes. “But with the amount of debt that I was building up, I decided to drop out.” 

At one point to save money, Jess lived on a diet of instant ramen for weeks – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Since the episode aired on Netflix last week, a GoFundMe page was created to help “Send Jess Back to College!”

With a goal of USD $100,000, fans around the world have already raised over USD $30,000.

“Jess Guilbeaux, from Queer Eye Season 3, Episode 5, is a strong, black woman,” the fundraiser’s description reads. “She started taking classes at the University of Kansas as a Computer Science major but had to drop out due to debt.

“Let’s send this smart and strong woman back to college to complete what she began and give her the future she deserves.”

Jess has since been in contact with the fundraiser’s creator and ensures all the money raised will go to her education.

You can donate to her campaign, HERE

This is the latest act of kindness to emerge from a Queer Eye story. The Jones Sisters, the sassy barbecue pitmasters from season three’s third episode, inspired the world with their work ethic and dedication to keeping their father’s legacy alive.

A two-women team, Deborah (Little) and Mary Jones (Shorty) struggled to keep up with the demand for their BBQ sauce but with the help of the Fab 5, were able to properly manufacture the product.

Over the weekend, the Jones sisters revealed they had sold 11,000 bottles after their Queer Eye episode – that’s an easy $110,000 in sales.

You can weep at Queer Eye season three on Netflix.