OG ‘Queer Eye’ Daddies Carson Kressley & Thom Filicia Are Getting A New TV Show

If you’ve been watching the latest iteration of ‘Queer Eye‘ on Netflix and secret pining for the 2003 original, we have some downright delicious news for you.

But first, you’re gonna wanna sit that keister of yours right down. And you may as well get reacquainted with this while you’re at it:

Original straight-guy-fixer-uperers Carson Kressley and Thom Filicia are returning to our televisions in an all-new series for Bravo.

The network revealed that the show’s current working title is the ‘Thom and Carson Project’, and it will see design deity Filicia give fiery fashionista Kressley tips on interior design. Then will they collab to create simply gawjuzz yet affordable re-designs for regular civilians on the show.

Bar that, information is sparse – we’ll keep you posted as more comes to light.

We’d hate to leave you unsatisfied, so here’s just a bunch of pictures of them from a simpler, more orange-mohair-sweater-heavy time: the 2000s.

(Photo by Lisa Mauceri/Getty)
(Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty)
(Photo by Rob Loud/Getty)
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty)
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty)

Welcome back, boys. God knows we’ve missed you.