Queen’s Bassist In ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Was Almost Eaten By Dinosaurs Once

I saw the movie Bohemian Rhapsody recently, which is essentially a glossed-over look at the career of one of the biggest rock acts of all time, Queen. During the film, I was trying to figure out why the actor who plays bassist, John Deacon, looks so fucking familiar, but I couldn’t place his face.

[jwplayer 5bJOBxe3]

When the movie finished, I did a good old Google search for the cast and was greeted by a bloke named Joe Mazzello, so I open up his IMDb page and wouldn’t ya fucking know it, the first movie in his “known for” list is the OG Jurassic Park. He was Tim, one of the kids.

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I understand this is probably a very “cool story, Hansel” moment, but I was genuinely sideswiped that I recognised this dude from a movie that came out in 1993. Yes, he’s been in a bunch of stuff since then, but I hadn’t managed to make the same connection in any of those other roles.

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That’s old mate on the left there.

Mazzello also had a role in The Social Network, along with a heap of other smaller movies over the years. He also had a lead in World War II series, The Pacific, where he played Eugene Sledge.

He does a great job as Deacon in Bohemian Rhapsody, as does the rest of the band. While it’s not exactly the best movie, I still found it fun enough to keep me entertained.