Qantas To Become First Airline To Offer Virtual Reality Gear In First Class

Australian airline Qantas are jumping aboard the virtual reality mask bandwagon as they gear up to become the first airline to offer virtual reality entertainment in first class cabins. 

Welcome to the future, nerds. Back To The Future deux is living up to its 2015 predictions, a concept that is both enthralling and one hundred percent terrifying. Hooray for robots!

The Sydney and Melbourne Qantas lounges and selected Qantas’ Sydney and Melbourne to LA flights  will be offering Samsung virtual reality headsets to its first class passengers, fit with “Qantas-created 360-degree videos and other content,” according to Gizmodo. Qantas lounge VR sets will be available in mid February, with in-flight sets rolling out in March

But hey, I hear you, you economy class-dweller you. What’s the point of this when you sure as hell can’t afford first class, FFS? In a word, folks: nothing; but this video of VR sets glued to the faces of models is too precious not to share.

The future looks ridiculous.

via Gizmodo.