Brace Yourselves, Q&A’s Inviting The Public To The Panel For The First Time

If Q&A wasn’t already a show that made your blood boil every Monday evening, making you chug wine at the start of the week while yelling at the panel and furiously mashing out tweets, well uh, you’re probably not going to enjoy this.

Tony Jones and the team are opening up the panel – yeah, the bit where the debate is relatively open-slather – to the public.

It’s all to celebrate 10 years of the show being on-air, causing many of us tension migraines from being so utterly ticked off at the perspective of others, but let’s be real – Tony Jones truly just wants to see the ABC studios completely implode on itself under the pressure of the public gnashing their teeth at each other, spittle flying, and eyes rolling so hard into the backs of heads that mankind’s first moments are seen.

It’s named the Peoples’ Panel and it’s an application and audition process to find yourself sitting alongside Jones for the first-ever public v public forum and I truly didn’t think anything could be worse than six politicians getting at each others’ throats about how shit Australia can truly be, but here we are.

Though it’s not been determined yet how many of us plebs will be on the panel alongside Tony “I’ll take that as a comment” Jones and the pollies called up for the night, or when exactly the Peoples’ Panel will be broadcast, you can expect it’s going to be a fired up show.

If you think you’ve got the nads to be on one of the biggest debating teams on national TV, then upload your application over on the show’s site.

There’s option for folks under 18 to apply too, so maybe we’ll get to see some bright young sparks challenging some of the country’s most influential types on there.

It’s not the first time that the youth have been able to get behind the desk, with high school specials happening twice in the last year to get an idea of what things are most important for the younger generations.

Anyway, get a cheap bottle of wine ready, I’m about 110% certain someone will turn this into a drinking game.