Pokémon Fans Are Bulbasalty The 20th Anniversary Film Erases Brock & Misty

Of all the nostalgic remnants that ~true 90s kids~ hold dear, the cartoon adventures of ‘Pokémon‘ trainers Ash, Misty and Brock each morning on Cheez TV, are some of the most cherished.

An example of the quality highjinks that entertained us all for years.

Sure it’s been over 20 years since the Pokémon franchise first exploded across video games, TV shows and (way too many) movies but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt it’s that you don’t mess around with Gen-Y’s beloved childhood memories with revisionist, canon-altering reboots and sequels, unless you want the frenzied wrath of enraged 90s kids.
Well prep your rage cannons friends, as that’s exactly what they’ve gone and bloody done, with an upcoming Pokémon movie, a 20th anniversary re-telling of Ash Ketchum’s first forays as a Pokémon trainer, completely deleting the existence of both besties Misty and Brock.
Both former leaders of their respective Pokémon gyms, Misty and Brock appeared in almost every episode of the first few seasons of the long-running cartoon, with rock-type trainer and serial sleazebag Brock still holding the title of longest running sidekick.
Remember how horny that dude was?
Kotaku notes however, that on the site for new reboot flick ‘I Choose You’, the pair are nowhere to be found, seemingly having been replaced by these garbage-looking stand-ins, named Souji and Makoto.



Fans are mostly outraged at the news, with many tweeting their scintillating hot takes and vitriolic anger on these cooked newcomers:

And to those that say the 90s are over and that the next generation of kids deserve their own takes on classic franchises and maybe we should just be happy that it’s all still running, I say: SHUT UP and NO.
Don’t wanna.
Pokemon the Movie 20: I Choose You’ is out in Japan July 15, with no word on any international release dates.
Source: Kotaku.