PER / BRIS: Come Have Some Free Food ‘N Dranks At Our Cheeky Mid-Weekies

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Nando’s to shower its PERi-Perks members with love. If you’re all about that chicken / booze / banger life then gird your loins: We’ve been throwing cheeky mid-weeky par-tays in Sydney + Melbourne, and Brisbane + Perth are next up on the itinerary. To RSVP, simply download the PERi-Perks app (iOS HERE, Google play HERE), punch in your details in the comp below, or head to the PERi-Perks website HERE for more info.

The work week can be taxing. Subsequently, it’s only natural to be drawn to a Wednesday / Thursday blow-out like an overworked moth to a club’s neon signage. 

You’re killing it, good people of the internet, and in our not-so-humble opinion, you DAMN WELL DESERVE TO BLOW OFF SOME STEAM. 
To aid you in your quest to share many a turnt tale at your office’s water-cooler, we’ve been throwing cheeky mid-weeky parties across Australia with our main squeeze, Nando’s. 
Photo: Sam Macdonald / Hobo.
Photo: Sam Macdonald / Hobo.
You’re up next, Brisbane and Perth. 
Young Franco will be back at it again to deliver his sultry sounds at both events and, if that’s not enough, there’ll also be freeze booze + more Nando’s chicken than you could poke a drumstick at.
BRISBANE: Thursday 28th July / Woolly Mammoth 
PERTH: Wednesday 3rd August / Jack Rabbit Slim’s 
If you’re game on RSVPing for you ‘n a mate to these one-of-a-kind shindigs, simply enter the competition below (and do so ASAP ’cause there’s limited spots):
Photo: Titanic.