People Would Fucking Die For Steve Harrington After ‘Stranger Things 2’

Arguably one of the best things to come out of Stranger Things 2 was Steve Harrington. His character development was off the charts. My boy Steve went from high school jock douchebag, to nice and loving boyfriend, to broken-hearted teenager, to the premiere babysitter of Hawkins, Indiana.

And his friendship with Dustin? Be still my beating ovaries.

Actor Joe Keery was famously so damn likeable that when the Duffer brothers cast him, they adapted the character of Steve to give him a redemptive arch. In fact, this season’s human villain (newcomer Billy, played by Aussie actor Dacre Montgomery), is partially filling the void left by what Steve was originally written as, before Keery came along and charmed the pants off everyone.

For everyone who spent the weekend binging Stranger Things and found themselves undeniably attracted to Steve… well, you’re not alone. He’s pretty much the internet’s new boyfriend.

This boy better find happiness next season, is all we’re saying.