Peaches Geldof Has Important Questions About Denim

Publishing tycoon, serial band dater, sometime model, DJ, writer, television presenter and socialite are but some of the tags we could throw Peaches Geldof’s way. The most important however, in terms of procuring and maintaining the aforementioned labels is “some famous person’s daughter”. We’ll call it the “one tag to rule them all” and let’s never forget that people – nepotism conquers all.

In her latest attempt to “get up in our grill” Peaches quizzes NYC’s denizens on their denim choices which could have been a legitimate piece on denim trends but views instead like a sly trap to ridicule tourists in Mom jeans, pretzel vendors and dudes in double denim. Backhanded compliments abound, just like my seething rage! Geldof’s feigned interest in the sartorially shabby is only made bearable through gold such as this…

Geldof: “If you had to sum up jeans in one word what would that word be?”
Bro: “The hottest thing to wear.”

And scene…

Via Nylon Mag

Image by Pierre Suu via Getty