Paris Hilton Is Suing The People Behind That Plane Crash Prank

As you may recall, the internet was recently forced into a position of feeling genuine sympathy for Paris Hilton, after the heiress found herself on the Egyptian version of Punk’d, and ended up fearing for her life after a prank involving a light plane crash.
Unsurprisingly, Hilton was not super impressed with how it all went down, and according to ‘why is this news?’ news leaders TMZ, is preparing to sue the makers of the show Ramez In Charge for emotional distress. 
Hilton claims that, since the incident, in which the plane she was travelling on lost altitude and “almost hit the water” while travelling over Dubai, she has developed a “fear of flying.”
When 90% of your job involves catching planes to places in order to stand on red carpets and wave your hands a few inches above DJ decks, being “totally freaked out” at the idea of flying could be a legit problem.
Egpytian actor Ramez Galal, the man behind Ramez In Charge, has reportedly pulled similar pranks in the past. “I’m a bad guy, I’m naughty,” he said to a sobbing Hilton, after their plane had successfully landed and he revealed the ruse.

Photo: Jean Christophe Magnenet via Getty Images