The Outer Banks Stars Dished On The Even ‘More Chaotic’ S2, Which Hits Netflix Tonight (!!!)

Outer Banks Netflix

We are t-minus HOURS away until Outer Banks season 2 finally premieres on Netflix, and if you think I’m going to spend my first weekend out of Melbourne’s lockdown watching a couple of cool kids go treasure hunting, then you’re absolutely correct.

The season 1 finale ended with a bang (literally), separating the Pogues as we know them. Sarah (Madelyn Cline) and John B. (Chase Stokes), narrowly escaping death, are hitching a ride to Nassau, Bahamas to continue their hunt for the gold.

Meanwhile, JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey), and Pope (Jonathan Daviss) are grieving, believing their friends have died.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Cline, Stokes, and Bailey about what fans can expect from season 2, here’s what they had to say.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: From start to finish, Outer Banks season 1 was chaos of the best kind. How does season 2 compare?

Chase Stokes: More chaos [laughs]. Yeah, no, it’s definitely more chaos for sure. It is an adrenaline rush, to say the least. I think it’s one of those seasons where we left things on such a cliffhanger where John B. and Sarah are now on their way to Nassau, where the gold is. So if there’s any indication of where it can go from where it once was, you are absolutely right that it will pick up at the same pace, so it’s very intense.

Madelyn Cline: Quite honestly, it’s even more chaos. It’s high octane, it’s more stress, it’s more friendship, more emotion, more adventure, and more mystery.

PTV: Fans know that Sarah and John B., are still alive, but the rest of the Pogues don’t. How are they coping in season 2? 

Madison Bailey: Yeah, I think the other three Pogues do take it in different ways. I think Kiara feels a little lost, a little empty, and anger, you know? Not angry that her friends are gone – there’s the heartache of that, but the anger of how it happened. And Kiara really, really, really wants justice. She’s very upset with the Cameron family.

Outer Banks Netflix
Netflix / Outer Banks.

PTV: As she should! There’s a bit happening between Kiara, JJ, and Pope – who has feelings for who – what can we expect from them in season 2?

MB: We ended season 1 with a Pope and Kiara kiss and you can expect that in season 2, you can expect us to be figuring out what our relationship means and where exactly it’s going to go.

As far as the JJ shippers [laughs], the Kiara and JJ shippers – we are still figuring out Pope and Kiara, so I’m just going to say anything is possible [laughs].

Who do I ship? Mmm, Kiara needs to figure out herself first. Kiara needs alone time [laughs].

PTV: We saw in season 1 that there were so many intense stunts, what was the preparation and training like for season 2?

CS: The training was – especially during COVID, there were a lot of restrictions on what we could and couldn’t do, uh, but Maddy and I are both incredibly lucky – and collectively throughout the entire cast – that we have incredible stunt doubles. And my stunt double Cole [Eckert] is just – it’s like we were split at birth, and he is an absolute madman, and makes John B. look like the badass that he is.

He’s so great about walking me through everything that I do and making sure that I am insanely prepared for any stunt that I end up doing on my own.

So this season was great because we got a lot of time to work with our doubles, who are like our one-on-on coaches who really help us perfect these things. So the stunts definitely get bigger for sure, and so we’re very thankful that we have a group of such capable people who make it look easy.

PTV: There are so many theories about the season 1 finale and season 2, what are some of the craziest you’ve seen?

MC: I saw one that was like, ‘What if Sarah and JJ were actually siblings. And like timeline wise, I don’t know if that works –

CS: Right.

MC: But that would be a crazy plot twist if we were able to figure that out. I think that would be very juicy and very exciting.

CS: I saw one that was talking about how John B. and Sarah’s mums are both gone [laughs] and that they could have the same mum and I was like –

MC: OH NO [laughs].

CSNooooo, that’s not – let’s not go down that route. Let’s avoid that.

MC: No, no, no, no, no [laughs].

CS: There’s a lot of weird ones to make people siblings who aren’t siblings, so I will say currently – based on everything that I know, there’s none of that. Sorry guys.

Outer Banks season 2 premieres 5pm, July 30th on Netflix. That’s tonight!!