Our Dad Bradley Cooper Photobombed Our Other Dad Brad Pitt At Glasto

Glastonbury Festival over in the UK has just wrapped up and whilst the media attention has been mostly centered on Jezza bloody Corbyn’s madman shenanigans, we feel it our most important of duties to bring you up to speed on the other celebrities in attendance, in this case specifically a pair of Brads.

Really leaning into the hot single Dad trope he so perfectly inhabits, Brad Pitt was spotted out and about at the British music festival over the weekend, no doubt copping his fair share of backstage selfies including this one with singer Chris Simmons, which, HOLD UP A GOD DAMN SECOND:

When you get your photo with Brad Pitt photobombed by Bradley Cooper!

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Who’s that creepin’ in the background there? Is that Robin Williams’ ghost cosplaying as his character from Jumanji? Is that a King of Leon who just stumbled out of the bush for some reason?

Nope, it’s Bradley Cooper, the cheeky devil. See:
It’s a two for one Brad special! A photo-Brad! Bradception!
Apparently Cooper was at Glasto not just to slink the background of Instagrams but to film some stuff for his upcoming directorial debut starring Lady Gaga ‘A Star is Born’, whilst Pitt was there simply for shits and giggs. Exhibit B: this Insty with UK rockers Royal Blood:

Congratulations to our competition winner – William Bradley Pitt.

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Celebrities named Brad? They’re just like us.

Source: E! News.
Photo: Instagram / iamchrissimmons.