Orphaned Wallaby Hugging His Toy Bear Breaks Hearts Across The World

Australian fauna gets the cruelest, most unforgiving wrap. 

Bad press says that our spiders are out to kill us by literally falling from the heavens, and snakes mercilessly parade their deadly prowess before us by casually ingesting crocs

But we call total freaking bullshit on the terrifying minority of ‘Strayan animals setting the off-putting standard for our vibrant cornucopia of native wildlife. 

Because for every fuck-off spider, croc or snake exercising their NOPE muscles on a daily basis, there are *literally thousands* of sweet AF baby koalas, possums, hairy-nosed wombats, echidnas, quokkas and kangaroos existing purely to melt cold hearts. The cuteness level contained within this country. It cannot be dealt with.

But here to trump them all, friends, is this little (orphaned) mate, Doodlebug, documented by Gillian Abbott in Grafton, NSW.


Via Twitter.