Original Tiger Mum’s Daughter Just Got Into Harvard

Amy Chua made headlines at the beginning of this year as the Tiger Mum from hell, but clearly her method works.

Today, the TIME cover star’s daughter, Sophia, was accepted into Harvard University. That’s no doubt off the back of Chua’s controversial tactics, many of which she detailed in her tell-all best-seller, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. In the book, Chua, herself a professor of law at Yale, shows what she believes to be the best way to raise high achieving children. Her kids, Louisa and Sophia, were never allowed to have friends over, watch TV or get anything less than top marks in school. They played only the instruments she allowed them to – violin and piano- under her watch for hours on end. When you combine that with allegations of tough love (she reportedly labelled her daughters ‘pathetic’ if they attempted to change the regime) and you can see why she attracted a lot of attention. And by attention we mean, ‘becoming a meme.’

It is this same attitude and personalities which Chris Lilley parodies in his upcoming series, Angry Boys. But despite all the hoo-hah about the immigrant experience and the way new generations of Americans raise their kids, the results speak for themselves. We’ve got money on this girl become a self-made billionaire in the next few years. We’re pretty sure her mum does, too.

via The Root.