Oprah In Australia Is The Best Publicity Money Can Buy

When Federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson said the use of taxpayers’ money would go toward funding Oprah Winfrey’s Australian tour there was some dissent amongst many member’s of the public who weren’t keen on contributing to the holiday of entertainment’s richest lady and a group of her screaming fans. In response Oprah reassured everyone of the value of having her stay. She said: “I have named myself an unofficial ambassador for Australia and I have the biggest mouth on earth. I know that there’s a lot of talk and concern in this country as to what this will mean for Tourism Australia… Let me just tell you — this is the truth: It is immeasurable what four hours of a love festival about your country, broadcast in 145 countries around the world, can do.”

More than 1.8 million viewers across Australia tuned in to watch the first episode of Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure last night, but the main purpose of her visit (as far as Tourism Australia was concerned) is selling our country to an international audience and, true to form, Oprah’s big mouth managed to deliver. Take a look at just a fraction of the hundreds of reactions to the show from viewers in the United States – responses that were representative of the general consensus. They like us they really like us. Especially that big ass bridge.