Online Shopping Be Damned: Aussie Dollar Drops Below 79 US cents For First Time In 6 Years

Depressing news for those who take part in a spot of American shopping online, or who are heading to the States: the Australian dollar, once virtually meeting the US dollar at parity, has briefly dropped below 79 cents. 

SMH reports that AUD fell to 78.3 US cents early this morning – the first time it’s headed south of US $0.79 since 2009. Our dollarydoos have been having a poor run against the benjamins for a few months now as the US economy continues to strengthen, though the downturn has been fairly dramatic: 1 Australian dollar was buying about 95 US cents less than seven months ago, according to SMH.

Seeing as it’s ‘straya day, though, maybe the Aussie dollar’s bad turn against our overseas comrades isn’t so bad; shopping through big US outlets online may not be the most economical option for now, but it can be easy to forget that we’re treated to so many incredible Australian designers and retailers. Even if you boycott ‘straya day, buying local is a pretty ace idea. 

But still. We’re officially (sort of) poor in the US.

via SMH