Got Absolutely No Chill? This Fresh New Mental Health Podcast Will Get You

We run the risk of sounding a bit too Jaden Smith how-can-mirrors-be-real-if-our-eyes-aren’t-real in saying this, but it’s true: social media has had a serious impact on our nation’s mental health.


How can it not?

Your average Aussie spends almost six hours on social media every week, according to Roy Morgan.

That figure more than doubles among women aged between 14-24. They’re spending almost 14 hours on social media every week, equating to nearly two hours every day.

Thatsa lot of group chat.

While ‘being online’ and mental health problems aren’t mutually exclusive, it doesn’t take a member of Mensa to notice a link.

Research has shown that many people are hollering for help on Messenger rather than giving their GP a call, because in 2018—social media is love, social media is life.

We’re living in the age of constant bombardment – be it in the form of devastating news updates via Twitter, wedgie-based belfies on Instagram or ‘must-watch’ series begging to be binged on via Netflix.

Feeling overwhelmed just reading that last sentence? Us too.

That’s why we created No Chill – a podcast that deletes the Valencia filter and zooms right in on the zits.

Hosted by writer Madison Griffiths and comedian / PTV presenter Lucinda Price, it’s a manageable mini-series of six snackable episodes that’ll be dropping weekly from today.

The premise, in a tasty nutshell?

Calling bewshit on the need to keep a lid on it. Not calming down. Being honest and admitting that a lot of us aren’t alright and that’s alright. Each episode features some of PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s favourite creators who are making waves for being unapologetically themselves online.

From ‘The Bachelor’ rose-wrangler Osher Günsberg to legendary local satirist Struthless69, Insta-famous model Steph Claire Smith to queen of fucking everything, Flex Mami – our guests don’t mince words when it comes to the way social media affects their mental health.

The first episode features Smith as well as Erika Geraerts, ex-founder of Frank Bod and new founder “casual cosmetics” company, Fluff.

You can find it on iTunes and Spotify, or just wrap your ears ’round it here:

You can keep up to date with each ep drop by following No Chill on Twitter, here.

And as always – don’t keep calm, but do carry on.

By the way, if you’ve ever considered making a podcast of your own, we have 6 tips on how to get started.