Nitflux Is The Streaming Service All Of New Zealand’s Been Waiting For

In a fast-paced, rapidly evolving streaming world where the market is suddenly flooded with multiple services and you’re not entirely sure which way is up, spare a thought for our gentle cousins across the pond in New Zealand, who somehow cop a worse shake of the entertainment stick than we do.

Fortunately for them, locals have taken things into their own hands.
Forget Netflix. The Land of the Long White Cloud now has its own direct rival to the online behemoth – Nitflux.
Sure to strike terror into the hearts of Netflix’s board, Nitflux has already caused an almighty wave since launching a mere couple of days ago, with well over 11 New Zealanders already signed up.
And as for content? Well, hold on to your hats, sports fans! Nitflux’s library is practically bursting at the seams, with SIX VIDEOS adorning the shelves, carrying titles such as The Lord of the Rungs, The Lord of the Rungs 2, Avatar, Black Sheep, The Lord of the Rungs 3, and The Hobbit.

All videos are fasttracked direct from America (via Australia, Fiji and Tonga) to Nitflux’s headquarters in Fakatanay.
And their technical support crew is second-to-none as well, far outstripping anything on offer from any of their direct rivals. For example, a catastrophic fault in their servers occurred this morning, resulting in the shutdown of the entire service.

And whilst initial estimates suggested that a normal team might have taken anywhere up to three weeks to fix the issue, Nitflux’s tech team managed to get the job done in a mere, and frankly incredible, 15 minutes.

Kiwi pals, don’t even bother waiting. Head on over to Nitflux HQ and sign up TODAY.

As for the rest of us? Well, put this up alongside Dave Dobbyn, Sir Richard Hadlee‘s moustache, and Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium as yet another reason to be supremely jealous of our Eastern brothers and sisters.
Kia ora, Aotearoa!