Nikki Gogan Says She’s Doin’ Fine After ‘The Bachelor’, Thanks For Asking

Last year, The Bachelor’s producers broke the hearts of Aussie dreamers (and the heart of one PEDESTRIAN.TV editor, who foolishly prepared a piece touting the wrong winner) by revealing that Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation, not Nikki Gogan, to be his #1. 

Now, Gogan has provided an update on her current sitch. And yeah, she’s doing just fine, thanks for asking. 

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Speaking to after just starting a new gig in real estate, Gogan said that rumblings she’d be the next Bachelorette had some merit. However, she ultimately chose to take a different approach to her life after being so publicly dumped.

“You sort of have forks in the road. You’ve got different choices to make and you’re weighing them all up,” Gogan said. The choice she eventually made involves property in Fremantle, and it’s a move she said “I’ll be most proud of.”

“I look forward to the day that I’m recognised for my career rather than a TV show,” Gogan said.

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Gogan said the final decision to cast Sophie Monk as the next object of 22 dudes’ desires never impinged on discussions to potentially cast her, and that Channel Ten and producers Warner Bros. remained above-board through the whole thing.
While it’s pretty damn clear she’s putting her career first, Gogan did give a lil’ peek into her personal life, admitting she’ll start dating again “one day. Not one day soon.” 

Right on, pal. Read the whole chat HERE.