Nickelodeon Is Bringing All Your 90s Faves To A New Streaming Service

If you’re a fiend for the best cartoons of the 90s, Nickelodeon is here to sate your needs with its new streaming service, NickSplat, featuring tons of your favourite classics from back in the day.

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It’s probably not the best name they could have thought of, sure, but moving past that, the idea is solid. You pay a monthly subscription fee to access classics like CatDogRocko’s Modern LifeDoug, The Wild Thornberrys, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Kenan & Kel, and more.

Now for the bad news – Nickelodeon has partnered with US platform, VRV, to offer the streaming channel, only it’s not yet available in Australia. We reached out to Nickelodeon Australia to see whether it to bring it here via other means and have been told we’ll be informed of any plans to do so.

In the US, NickSplat costs $US5.99 ($8.16) per month to access but is also available as part of VRV’s premium bundle, which costs $US9.99 ($13.61). You can get more information about what’s available on the channel right here if you’re keen.

Hopefully, Nickelodeon sees our hunger for 90s nostalgia and grants us this blessed service which we so desire. Please, give unto us these holy ‘toons so that we may pass on their teachings to others.