Nick Kroll Says The ‘Big Mouth’ Spin-Off Is ‘The Office’ Meets ‘Monsters, Inc.’ & I’m In

Nick Kroll

Brilliant bloke Nick Kroll is headed to our neck of the woods in a couple of weeks, bringing with him his acclaimed Middle-Aged Boy tour.

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Look, if you’re reading this yarn then I’m going to assume you already know a shit tonne about Kroll and all the goodness he brings into the world. So instead, I’m going to talk stand-up details. Kroll’s two-show Australian tour hits Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on January 4th and Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre on January 6th. But if you can’t go, you might spot him swanning around and about during the new year in full tourist mode. Kroll says he’s very much hoping to have [checks notes] “consensual sex with a koala” among other things like sightseeing and downing piss.

ANYWAY, he describes Middle-Aged Boy as “an examination of where I am in my life.

“I’m an old man, 41 years old, but there’s still elements of my life that still feel very much like a kid,” he tells PEDESTRIAN.TV over the phone.

“It’s a much more personal examination of who I am that I don’t think I’ve ever done in my stand-up before,” he says. There are still characters within the show, he adds, but it’s more about “letting the audience know who I am.”

We’ve learned a lot about Kroll from all avenues of his work, especially Big Mouth – the Netflix animated series about puberty and how fucking fucked it can be.

SPOILER ALERT, but at the end of season 3 things are a bit shit: Andrew tells Nick he doesn’t want to be friends anymore, Jessi is moving away, and Missy‘s burning pictures of boys.

Season 4 won’t be coming out for “a while” (boo), but Kroll did say it’s going to focus on things like anxiety.

The series, with all its furry dicks and whatnot, isn’t concerned about pushing the boundaries (the team are excited about it actually) so I assume season 4 is going to be just as explicit as well. Although, Netflix sometimes pops in to push back on some *interesting* ideas.

Like what, you ask?

“Like Rick the Hormone Monster pulling a thermometer out of his little penis with blood spurting out,” Kroll shares. “Netflix said, ‘I think that’s too far’ and we said, ‘Yes, we agree.’”

I just, I – I can’t stop picturing it. Poor Rick.

Exploding penis aside, Kroll says Big Mouth really is just a vulnerable story of what his life was like when he was a wee boy. And his stand-up is an extension of that.

“It’s me trying to be honest about who I am and what I’ve revealed about myself.”

If you haven’t already, you can suss out tickets on Live Nation, right HERE. There might be a couple left if you’re lucky.


Saturday, January 4th – Enmore Theatre, Sydney NSW
Monday, January 6th – Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne VIC

OH, Kroll and the team are also in the midst of writing a Big Mouth spin-off called Human Resources. It’s a “workplace comedy” based in the monster’s world.

Fans first copped a look at monster HQ at the end of season 2, when the gang took a trip to The Department of Puberty. It’s where the Hormone Monster, Hormone Monstress, the Shame Wizard, the Depression Kitty, and the Ambitious Gremlin chill when they’re not egging on the kids.

“We went up there because we thought it would be interesting to see where they worked and once we were up there we thought, ‘Boy this is a fascinating space’,” Kroll explains. ‘Cos Big Mouth is quite puberty-driven, Human Resources is a chance to look at other major parts of life like birth, death, marriage, and divorce.

And if that’s not enough to sway you, Kroll says Human Resources is “sort of like The Office meets Monsters, Inc.