New Video Confirms Shia LaBeouf Sucks at Picking Fights

Prior to Shia LaBeouf‘s latest mildly entertaining meltdown, which saw him led out of a performance of Cabaret while handcuffed and in tears (rock and fucking roll), the actor-slash-performance artist-slash-sexy ripped t-shirt wearer was already our and trying to stir up trouble.

A new video, leaked by lulz-merchants and craven celebrity stalkers TMZ, shows LaBeouf, several hours before his arrest, attempting to pick a fight with an unnamed man outside a strip club.

“Attempting to pick a fight” might be too generous a description of Shia’s actions, which basically amount to him bouncing around, throwing pretend punches and generally acting like someone’s annoying kid brother before the Ritalin kicks in.

Look, I dunno, but Shia’s technique kind of sucks. Back in my day, we had genuinely unhinged former child stars like Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears who could do racist, pudenda-flashing, Drake-stalking public meltdowns with real style and flare.

In other LaBeouf news, the Holes star may or may not have peed on the wall of Los Angeles restaurant recently, because peeing on things you’re not really supposed to is so damn hot right now

Photo via Getty Images Pool