New Peaches Video “Take You On”

If film’s could procreate (go with me on this one) and Tron got together with the latter half of 24 Hour Party People the resulting mind fuck cinema baby, when viewed on acid, would be Peaches new video for “Take You On”.

Taken from her fifth studio LP “I Feel Cream”, in trademark fashion Peaches peppers “Take You On” with none too subtle sexual come-ons, schizophrenic synthesizers, a bombastic bass kick and the sweat of a thousand gay men. When combined with a video full of bearded doppelgangers, visual non sequiturs and a retina scorching psychedelic hue one can only come to two conclusions. Either Peaches is back to her tit/dick shaking best or The Matrix just vomited on itself.

If you didn’t already know, Peaches is coming to Australia. Check out all the details here.