New Coconut Records Video Featuring Chloe Sevigny

Coconut Records is the musical side project of onetime Phantom Planet drummer, Coppola clan member and shaggy haired thespian Jason Schwartzman. As the name might suggest Schwartzman’s tunes are all good vibes, palm tree lined boulevards and duffel bags of sunshine, kinda like Phantom Planet but slightly chiller and without the exposure that comes with soundtracking successful teen dramas.

The video for rollicking Summer jam “Any Fun” is a good example of Schwartzman’s undeniable West Coast disposition albeit with a distinctly East Coast video. Shot in the streets of NYC the lo-fi clip was Directed by skateboarding legend and artist Mark Gonzales and features fellow downtown denizen Chloe Sevigny. We assume the track will go down swimmingly on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We also assume Ms. Sevigny is a marginally better skateboarder than Avril Lavigne pretends to be.

Any Fun – Coconut Records – Music Video