Nat Bass Reveals She Legit Got Death Threats For ‘Neighbours’ Character Izzy

Izzy Hoyland from Neighbours is absolutely, without a doubt one of the best TV villains Australia‘s ever produced. The homewrecker (she famously destroyed Karl & Susan Kennedy‘s relationship in the 00’s) was like this evil, manipulative genius who was the sole source of Ramsay St drama during her tenure.

I was trying to find you guys some sweet Izzy-he-old-years footage but instead found this masterpiece. It kind of ties in bc Susan’s absolutely slapping Karl over some Izzy drama.

Actually do you know what, I found some choice content from when Izzy left Karl at the altar! WHAT A TIME.

Also it’s a terrible idea to deep dive Neighbours relationships on YouTube because you will fall into a hole of fan-made tribute videos.

God, I miss Dee and Toadie.

Okay sorry, I’ve really gone off on a tangent.

So basically, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, the actor behind the infamous Izzy, is returning to Neighbours. If you didn’t know this already, you’re likely screaming with joy at your phone screen rn. Yep, Izzy is returning to bring the draaaaama, and I for one am bloody here for it.

One thing I’m not here for is how absolutely bonkers fans can be. Scary-level bonkers. See, Nat told OK! magazine this week that she used to get actual death threats from fans during her time on screen as Izzy.

“I always had someone [writing in] hoping I would die,” she told the publication. “They’d write pages on how horrible I was to break up Karl and Susan.”

Guys. GUYS. If this was you – TV is not real, OK? Don’t send death threats to real human beings over a TV show. Well, over anything actually but especially not over a TV show.

Izzy’s returning to Neighbours in a movie-length special episode (!!) which centres around Toadie’s 90s party. Honestly, I have not watched this show in 400 years but you’d best believe I’ll be tuning in to this absolute clusterfuck masterpiece.

Susan hits her with a car!? This is fucking masterful.

Nat revealed to Digital Spy that it’s likely people’ll hate her even more this time around.

“If you loved to hate her before, you’re going to love to hate her even more this time around,” she told the publication. “It’s next level stuff – you won’t believe what she can conjure up in her head.”

Izzy’s Neighbours return is happening on Channel 11, Feb 13.