Need To Poo? Speed It Up W/ The 5 Highest-Grossing Horror Films In Oz

We’ve teamed up with The Conjuring 2 because it’s truly one of the most cooked films ever, and we love all things cooked. It’s available to own now on Digital and coming to DVD / Blu-ray / your nightmares this September 28, and you can find out more about the film HERE.

Scary movies: you either love them, hate them, or curl into fetal position and drop a nice lil’ turd in your pants during them.

But even though the stuff make us lose all of the dignity, we keep hitting the cinemas and consequently tempting the fate of our dreams time and time again for dem thrills.

To put things into perspective on how much we love getting amongst the creations of borderline psychopaths, pls see below the top-grossing horror films of all time in Australia. We’re all fucked. 

Australian box office: $10,765,109.

The Conjuring mind-screwed y’all so good that you came back screaming for its second instalment, The Conjuring 2, like freaky-deaky possession films were going outta fashion.

It currently stands as the highest-grossing horror film of all time in Australia and New Zealand with a cool $12.915 million across both countries at the box office. That’s pretty bloody ‘uge, especially considering a bloke legit died while watching the film, and his body went missing soon after. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. But, like, yaaaas too.

Speaking of, distributor Village Roadshow also released footage today of a cruel-yet-hilarious prank played on The Conjuring 2 audience members after a Sydney warehouse screening. BECAUSE AS IF THE MOVIE ITSELF WASN’T SCARY ENOUGH.

The sequel (which was directed by Aussie horror royalty, James Wan, mind you) followed suit of the first film, based on the IRL couple / controversial demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. This time ’round they’re called upon to help out a possessed 11-year-old girl in North England. It’s triply as cooked as the mum who the otherworldly spirits got a hold of the first time (but more on that below). It’s out on Digital, and coming to DVD and Blu-ray on September 28. Find out more HERE.

Australian box office: $10,738,391.

It makes sense that Aussies would flock to see one of their own, Nicole Kidman, in 2001 film The Others. Based during World War II, Kidman waits for hubby to return from the front while raising her two daughters in a Victorian mansion, but a bunch of spooky shit goes down in the process. We’re not going to spoil it for you, but Exhibit A of the messed up atrocities awaits you below:

Australian box office: $10,245,937.

You wouldn’t say “bloody mary” in the mirror three times, so why the hell would you go on a hike to scope out a local legend? God knows, but that’s what three filmmaker students did for this doco-style piece (seriously, the angles are like cocaine to Kate Moss), and boy did they get what was coming. 

Australian box office: $8,878,674.

After the success of the original The Conjuring a franchise was born – soon after came The Conjuring 2 and spinoff Anabelle, not to mention Anabelle 2 and The Nun which are also currently in the works. What is it with kids these days and possession? 

Australian box office: $8,632,448.

What can we say, down under really has a thing for supernatural forces, more than, say, serial killers. We get it, someone / something haunting your every move is far more likely than ghost-face slasher chasing you ’round with a butcher’s knife, you know? Y’all loved Paranormal Activity (which is literally what its name suggests) so much that six more films followed in its footsteps.

Sweet dreams you lot.

Photo: The Blair Witch Project.