Natalie Portman Single Again

Thank God.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the advancement of Natalie Portman’s happiness, but Devendra Barnhart? That’s the culinary equivalent of caviar and baked beans (no offence Dev). I’m pretty sure she makes every dude look like shit.

NBC Reports:

‘Things just weren’t working out,’ a source close to Portman told Us Weekly. ‘Natalie is young and they just were very different ultimately.’ Of course they were different ‘She’s really a free spirit,’ the source added. ‘She’s complicated because she’s very serious about her career and smart but also artistic and free-thinking. It’s tough to match.’

From Star Wars sci-fi nerds, to Shins listening indie guys Portman wins fans in anything she does (a band named themselves “Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head” after her role in “V For Vendetta”. Many guys (myself included) would have at one point or another found themselves completely enamored with Portman. And why not? She’s beautiful, immensely talented, intelligent (she studied at freakin’ Harvard), and socially conscious. She managed to avoid any child actor burnout after her stellar turn in Leon/The Professional AND she doesn’t take herself to seriously…

Devendra, my condolences. It sucks to be you.