Natalie Portman Makes Directorial Debut In “New York, I Love You”

From the makers of Paris, je t’aime comes New York, I Love You an eclectic anthology of short films that explore love in the big apple – but not in that cheesy Sex And The City way. For those who’ve seen Paris, je t’aime the formula will be familiar, eleven international Directors craft eleven unrelated and wildly divergent short films with only two prerequisites. It must take place in New York City and it must deal with love.

In New York, I Love You’s predecessor those conditions birthed tales of unrequited love, puppy love, old love, love lost, lust, love of place and love at first sight played out across the picturesque arrondissements of Paris. Fortunately love is a universal language (or something?) so though the location has changed between films the sentiments will largely remain the same.

So to will the healthy slab of A-Listers proliferating the screen with appearances from (deep breath) Bradley Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Andy Garcia, Rachel Bilson, Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, Maggie Q, Ethan Hawke, James Caan, Olivia Thirlby, John Hurt, Shia LaBeouf, Chris Cooper, Robin Wright Penn and Blake Lively. A mixed bag right? But for every Bradley “douche bag” Cooper we get a Chris “Grade A” Cooper so it’s all good. The film also marks the Directorial debut of Natalie Portman who also starred in Paris, je t’aime so you know she loves love as much as we love her. And we love her a lot, a whole lot (we apologize if that level of enthusiasm creeps anyone out). Interestingly the other Boleyn Girl (Scarlett Johansson) was enlisted to Direct a segment but her short, starring Kevin Bacon, was later cut from the film. Which leads us to believe she sucks at other things besides singing and choosing a suitable husband?

Check out the trailer below…

We thought it only fitting to share this slice of NYC balladry as well…