Natalie Portman Fields Inappropriate Questions

Everyone loves Natalie Portman right? (fact). From basement dwelling Star Wars enthusiasts to theatre goers (guess which camp I fall into), the Academy Award nominee induces rabid fandom in almost everyone. The thing I’ve come to realize however, is that her universal appeal lies not in her intelligence (she’s a Harvard Graduate), hypnotizing beauty, philanthropic tendencies, or acting ability. No, attribute Ms. Portman’s girl next door appeal to one simple thing – LOLs.

Take for example the following video for Zach Galifianakis’ “Between Two Ferns” series, a tongue in cheek masterclass in seat shifting awkwardness. While not quite reaching the depths of uncomfortableness experienced by Michael Cera, Portman still fields questions about stripping, shaving her “V for Vagina” and the perils of working with Chebacca. How many Golden Globes winners would do that? Plus she once dated Moby so she must have a sick sense of humour.

If you still doubt her sense of humour there’s always this…