Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams’ Catfight

Offering a satirical take on A-list endorsed perfume advertisements, Italian video artist Francesco Vezzoli pits Natalie Portman against Michelle Williams. Mee-ooww.

Hosted exclusively at Dazed Digital the full project is explained as: “Directed by Roman Polanski and featuring Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams embroiled in a fierce battle over the fanciful scent, the spurious campaign attempts to isolate and imitate the hype created by the promotion of a new luxury product in the mass market. The premiere of the final film is being shown at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome tonight and DazedDigital are exclusively screening it online.”

Vezzoli said he chose Portman and Williams as the duo had never endorsed perfumes before, also offering his view of the art world: “Lately the art world has become a place where there is a lot of effort to create desire, so I thought Greed was an appropriate theme…Natalie plays the good girl and Michelle plays the greedy one, and they start having a catfight over the perfume. They bite each other, pull each other’s hair, throw themselves on the floor, and all of that is filmed by Polanski in his epitomizing style.”