Multiple Reports Accuse ‘The Voice’ Of Lying About Katy Perry’s ‘Live’ Gig

The Daily Mail claims to have caught-out ‘The Voice Australia‘ in a lie about Katy Perry performing live during the grand finale on Sunday night.

The website published a series of pictures proving Perry and her entourage at Sydney Airport on Sunday night, taken at the same time as ‘The Voice Australia’ finale was being broadcast on Channel 9, from 7pm.

It claims that she arrived at the airpot at around 7:30pm, but that her apparently ‘live’ performance of ‘Swish Swish‘ was broadcast some 90 minutes later. also claims to have obtained pictures of Perry at the airport during the finale.

It’s a bit of a weird one, tbh. Both publications have run with the angle of ‘The Voice BUSTED lying about Katy Perry performance‘ etc, but neither points to any evidence that the segment was ever promoted as live.

A Daily Mail story from June 5 reported that Perry would be performing live during the finale, but cite a video posted by The Voice’s official Twitter account – where the singer makes no such claim – as evidence.

The tweet does describe the show as the ‘Live Finale’, but this doesn’t explicitly refer to Perry’s performances being live, and could also be referring to the actual finalists’ performances. (FWIW, 22-year-old ‘King’ Judah Kelly cinched the win last night, giving coach Delta Goodrem back-to-back wins.)

Then again, maybe ‘The Voice’ was caught lying by the tabloids. We’ve reached out to their team to find out more.

Photo: The Voice / Twitter.