Morgan Freeman And Robert De Niro Get Wasted In “Last Vegas” Trailer

Studio Executive A: Variety says they’re making another Hangover movie.

Studio Executive B: God, people are fucking idiots.

Studio Executive A: I know right. I mean, nothing legal’s stopping us from doing something like The Hangover. How about, I don’t know, instead of Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis it’s horny old dudes and we see how many Viagra jokes we can make?

Studio Executive B: *Registers look of excitement* That’s it!

Studio Executive A: I was just riffing…

Studio Executive B: No you’re a genius. Every old dude in America is watching this. How do we get Gen Y on board? 

Studio Executive A: Maybe we could cast that ROFL band? 

Studio Executive B: Yeah. We could even make a deal with the Nevada tourism board.

Studio Executive A: Who else can we get?

Studio Executive B: Let’s make a few phone calls. You know we’ve got this… *points to USB drive full of compromising photos from the 80s*. 

Studio Executive A: *Lights cigar with $100 note* And that’s why we make the big bucks.

*18 months later*