Model Jamie Peck Slams Fashion Industry for Supporting “Predator” Terry Richardson

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who felt that NY Mag‘s recent Terry Richardson profile, ‘Is Terry Richardson an Artist or a Predator?’, was a bit soft on its subject, failing to ask any genuinely tough questions of the photographer, who stands accused of sexual misconduct many times over. This morning, model Jamie Peck, one of those quoted in the article about a traumatic experience she had with Richardson and several assistants, responded with a furious Guardian editorial.

Her piece, entitled ‘Take it from someone he abused: Terry Richardson is a predator with a camera’, took NY Mag – and by extension, the fashion world – to task, for treating Richardson with kid gloves in the wake of the many serious allegations against him. In particular, she laid into journalist Benjamin Wallace, who initially made contact with her by emailing a selection of explicit Richardson photos and asking if she was indeed the model in them. 

Peck is angry at Wallace for willfully skimming over a number of key ethical questions surrounding the photographer. “[His article] treats the central question of Richardson’s many critics – Was meaningful consent given for the sex acts in these images? – in a cursory fashion, given that it’s the theme this major magazine article promises to explore,” she said. “It isn’t as though the author lacked for material: Wallace and I spoke for over an hour, and the only quote he used from me was in regard to the aforementioned images.”

She also slammed the piece for taking an apologetic tone towards Richardson.  “After reading more about Uncle Terry’s fucked-up childhood, I have to wonder: is the more important question,” she said, “how did he get this way, [or] how do we stop him? Or is the real question even more complex:What does this say about the fashion industry as a whole that so many people have let him and other, sneakier people get away with this for so long?”

Richardson, who is currently palling around with Jared Leto, has yet to respond. 

via The Guardian

Photo: Rachel Murray via Vanity Fair