An Original Miniseries About The Thai Cave Rescue Is Heading To Netflix 


Netflix, a frankly unstoppable force, has struck a deal with SK Global Entertainment to create an original miniseries about the 12 boys and their soccer coach who were trapped for two weeks in a flooded cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand last year.

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According to Variety, the entertainment company were granted exclusive lifetime rights to contact the 13 members of the Young Boars football team. Presumably for firsthand accounts.

“We can confirm that we are working on an original scripted miniseries with SKE Global and 13 Tham Luang Company Limited to bring the incredible story of the Thai cave rescue to audiences worldwide on Netflix,” a spokesperson for the streaming giant told Variety. 

13 Tham Luang Company are responsible for properly screening the many enthusiastic directors and writers eager to turn the dramatic event into a film and/or television series. Variety reports the 13 young men will each receive about 3 million Thai baht (about AUD $130,000) as part of the deal with SK Global Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Thai-born director Tom Waller has already filmed The Cave and plans to release the independent film on the one-year anniversary of the rescue in July. The film, about the unsung heroes of the rescue mission, is currently in post-production.

Though the boys and their coach were successfully saved, a former Thai Navy SEAL diver tragically died during the rescue efforts. Saman Kunan had been laying oxygen tanks along the tunnel’s route when he lost consciousness from a lack of oxygen. His colleagues could not revive him.