Miles Teller Curses Out Uber Driver For Causing Hectic Truck-Flipping Crash

Miles Teller and his girlfriend, model Keleigh Sperry, were involved in a serious car accident late Thursday night when an Uber driver reportedly made an unsafe left turn right in front of them and caused his car to flip.

*don’t make ‘Whiplash’ jokes, don’t make ‘Whiplash’ jokes*

According to TMZ, the actor was driving in the San Fernando Valley late Thursday night when the accident occurred.

It reports that Teller was so furious at the Uber driver he started screaming “You fucked up my truck”, and had to be physically restrained by other witnesses.
TMZ also reports that the accident was not his fault, and that Teller’s main concern (besides his truck, and we assume his GF) was the safety of the Uber’s two passengers.

Credit: TMZ.

Reports of his anger appear to be legit, because over on Twitter the actor didn’t hold back.

The two Uber passengers were taken to hospital after complaining of minor injuries, but it’s lucky this accident didn’t have a more devastating outcome.

Photo: Getty / Gareth Cattermole.