Mila Kunis’ Chicken Theft And The Return Of Punk’d – Coincidence?

Ha! Hollywood. You think because you’re all high and mighty that you can just pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and expect no one to notice. You might be able to sneak it past a few people here and there, but you can’t fool us.

We, with all our journalistic nous and pop culture knowhow and general bravado, do not believe even for a second that Mila Kunis can have one of the most ridiculous sounding lawsuits filed against her one day, and the next day have the return of professional prank show Punk’d be announced with ZERO connections between the pair.
Particularly when Kunis’ husband/babydaddy happens to be former Punk’d host Ashton Kutcher, who also just so happens to have nosed his way into the Great Stolen Chicken debate of 2015 to do a little debunking.

You, people wearing suits in Hollywood with your big bank accounts and your custom haircuts and whatnot, cannot look us directly in the eye and say that the fact that BET today announcing that Punk’d is being revived and brought back to airwaves is a complete non-factor in all of this.
We’re not saying that Punk’d’s revival and this stolen chicken story are some weird form of viral marketing. But we’re not NOT saying it either.
Even despite the fact that no talent has been announced for the Punk’d revival yet and they’ll probably be chasing a host that’s a little more youthful and in line with the Black Entertainment Network‘s ethos, and that Kutcher’s career trajectory doesn’t really necessitate him going back to the well at this stage of his life, and that a man pushing 40 pulling off elaborate pranks is kinda weird, and that the chicken story is batshit bonkers in and of itself and would’ve required a solid twelve months of planning to execute effectively if it were a prank and like… if you’ve got twelve months to work on something how on earth was “Doggie” the best name for the chicken you came up with in that entire expanse of time?
Despite all of this, and despite no other journalistic investigation or evidence present, it’s clearly – CLEARLY – obvious to anyone with a fully grown brain that this is definitely a marketing stunt and absolutely not two totally separate stories haphazardly stitched together for the sake of comedic, affected outrage.